Do you know where your sugar comes from? Have you ever met a sugarbeet farmer? Get to know the 10,000 American family farmers in California, North Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming who grow high quality sugar for consumers across the nation, including you. We love our family farms, our soil, our crops and our customers. We want to meet you!

laurabeettruckPure, all-natural sugar is only 15 calories per teaspoon. The refined sugar you eat is the same at the molecular level, regardless of whether it is grown from conventional, organic or genetically engineered seeds. Sugar is a pure and all-natural plant product that is the same whether it is produced from sugarbeets or sugarcane. As a wife, a mother, a marathon runner and a 9th generation farmer, I want high quality products for my family and my customers. I am incredibly proud of the great strides made on the farm in the last few years to achieve many environmental benefits to conserve water, reduce fuel, reduce greenhouse gasses, and feed more people on less land. Let’s talk.

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Telling the sugarbeet story.

Over 4.8 million tons of sugar are produced each year in the U.S. from sugarbeets and beet sugar represents 54 percent of domestic sugar production in the U.S.
From our farms to your table, America’s sugar beet farmers produce enough beet sugar to meet the sugar needs of over 132 million Americans every year. That is about 42 percent of the U.S. population! As farmers, our top priorities are to produce a high quality product that is safe, secure, reliable and affordable.